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Harmony Fitness Training is a fitness solutions studio created by founder jonathan sandberg.  Jonathan, a San Francisco Bay area transplant who now calls western new York his home, provides a unique and individually tailored workout programs that deliver solid results!

Located in the heart of the Village of Williamsville at calvary episcopal church, harmony fitness training provides a fresh new non-judgemental approach to fitness.  See below for services offered and provided.  without exceptions, all who enter are welcome and provided with a free no obligations fitness orientation.



Services Provided


Corrective Exercise

A form of Physical Therapy, Corrective exercise has one purpose: To make you mechanically efficient.  The benefits of being mechanically efficient are pain relief, ability to move freely without pain, and to have an increased range of motion.  Through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Jonathan has learned these techniques and specializes in working with past physical trauma, Parkinson's Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Cerebral Palsy to name a few.


Whether you're using the terms toning or sculpting, both have the same implication:  You want to look healthy and leaner!  Aesthetics are a secondary goal to your primary goal of being healthy.  With up to date training techniques and unique workouts, you will love watching your body fat levels drop as well as the inches!


Fitness Orientations

the only way to see if harmony fitness training is right for you is to schedule a free hour to talk about your health and fitness goals as well as your health history.  in a fitness orientation, expect the following: health history screening, goal formation, strength assessments, cardiovascular assessments, flexibility assessments, body composition tests (body fat and circumference measurements) and workout recommendations.


Home Training

if you would like to train in your home, Jonathan Sandberg, owner of harmony fitness training, will come and train you in your house.  Additional transportation rates may apply.


Online Training

With advancements in video chatting technology, imagine having a trainer train you inside your own home except through Skype or Facetime.  just like a workout, except no transportation involved!


Weight Loss

Weight loss in terms of health should be the focus.  We all want to look good.  However, it is more important to lose weight for the health implications rather than aesthetics.  Through a wide range of health programs such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Circuit Training, Cardiovascular Training, Resistance Training, and Weight Loss nutrition, Harmony Fitness training has answers.



Group classes

working out in a group setting often provided a different level of comradery and accountability.  with classes offered several days per week, there are plenty of different options and workouts to choose from. See below for classes and options.



Muscle Building

Did you know that for every pound of muscle on your body, your body will burn an additional 15 calories per day?  Nothing like burning calories when sitting around and doing nothing!  With an emphasis on eccentric training and powerlifting, everyone can use some muscle building! With training techniques using equipment like Rubber Bands, TRX, Free Weights, Calisthenics, and a variety of unique equipment, muscle building is a benefit we can all use!

Don’t be afraid to start. I literally could not do anything but after a few sessions with Jonathan, I was doing push-ups and lunges. He is the best trainer because he tailors your regimen for exactly what you need.
— Bernadette R.
The best part of my fitness journey has been working out with my Jonathan Sandberg, my Personal Trainer. I’m still surprising myself at what I have achieved after every workout and smiling every time.
— Maria G.

group classes and schedule

Resistance pumper


Resistance Pumper is a class designed for all fitness levels, whether you are starting a workout regiment or are a seasoned veteran.  using HIIT principles as well as supersetting, each workout is never the same.  Classes are small (less than 15 in size) to ensure proper form in being used.

Days: Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm, Saturdays at 9:30am


Power stretch and relaxation


immediately following the Saturday resistance pumper is the Power stretch and relaxation class.  a class that combines static and dynamic stretching, you will leave from this class feeling new and refreshed.  expect relaxing music and a meditative atmosphere.

Days: Saturdays at 10:15 am





Personal Training $30/Hour

An hour of personal training includes live exercise instruction, habit and lifestyle coaching, nutrition counseling, exercise assessments, and monthly bodily assessments.  Sessions can be purchased in bulk quantity and tracked by Harmony Fitness or purchased individually.

Personal training $25/45 Min

All the benefits of an exercise program except done in 45 minute sessions.  Sessions can be purchased in bulk quantity and tracked by Harmony Fitness or purchased individually.



Group Class $10/Class

Drop in to any one of your favorite classes for only $10 per class!  First class is free to see which of the classes will be your favorite.  Don't forget to stop by for your free fitness orientation!

Group CLass discount @ $35/month unlimited

For just $35 per month you can have access to all classes taught per month!  The pass starts on the day of the month that you purchase and is good until the next month on that same day.  That's essentially 16 classes for $35, averaging $2.19 per class if 100% attendance for the month!  Can be paid in full for a year for extra discount.







Questions? concerns? appointment request?  fitness orientation request?  fill out the information below and I shall contact you either by phone or email.